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Shanghai Jie Chao Scaffolding Co., Ltd. Signed three strategic cooperation agreement


Shanghai JieChao scaffold Co. Ltd. is an enterprise that engages in R & D, production and operation of construction scaffolding.  We possess a strong R&D team and professional scaffolding construction technology.  The company is one of the pioneer manufacturer of ring-lock scaffolding system in China, possesses proprietary patented technologies, and set the benchmark of innovation in ring-lock scaffolding system.  This scaffolding system is widely utilised in installation engineering works in various industry both locally and overseas. It is a safe and efficient construction technology products.

business scope covers all areas of industrial and civil constructions, governmental roads and bridges constructions, energy and chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, large-scale recreational and temporary facilities.  We provide safe, reliable, green, energy saving, economical and efficient scaffolding support products and engineering services for use in areas such as building maintenances, decoration installations, equipment installations, billboard installations, bridges engineering works, staging frames for concert or filming equipment and etc.

Our core business is the sales and leasing of ring-lock scaffolding system.  We under construction projects for mobile scaffolding, ring-lock scaffolding, platform scaffolding, staging structure, lighting structure, backdrop structure, audio equipment structure, storage shelves structure, observation tower structure, scoring board structure, billboards and various types of scaffolding or construction projects.  At the same time our technical department also offers design and planning services for different type of scaffolding applications and steel framework supports engineering.

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