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Severe environmental problems Energy saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry faces important opportunities


In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, energy consumption, pollutant discharge, and tail gas emissions have caused environmental pollution problems to become increasingly serious. It has become an indisputable fact that China’s environmental problems have become increasingly severe. With the continuous development of economy, the pollution of China's construction machinery equipment industry and its upstream and downstream industries are relatively serious and has become a heavy burden on the environment.
It is understood that China's energy efficiency is only 26.9% of the United States, Japan's 11.5%, is one of the world's most serious waste of natural resources, and construction machinery engine products are the second largest use of industries in addition to the automotive industry, due to Its emission density is high, and its emission index is worse than that of automobiles. Therefore, the pollution to the environment is even more serious.
According to Jun Jun, president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China is "the world's largest construction site." Engineering construction has driven the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. However, China's emission requirements for construction machinery products have been relatively loose, making the market highly flooded with high-emission products, which has become a heavy burden on China's current environment. Therefore, the industry calls for the domestic construction machinery industry to take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, it was also pointed out that China's energy saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face important opportunities.
Industry calls for energy conservation and environmental protection
Not long ago, the state promulgated the "National New Urbanization Plan". It is understood that the planned investment priorities include improving the urban infrastructure, promoting the development of new urbanization, vigorously developing social undertakings, and making efforts to ensure and improve people's livelihood, implement innovation-driven strategies, and promote industrial transformation. Upgrade, strongly promote energy conservation and emission reduction, speed up the construction of ecological civilization, and accelerate the cultivation of new economic support belts. This is a macro-level, strategic, and basic plan to guide the healthy development of urbanization throughout the country in the coming period. It is also the first urbanization plan promulgated and implemented by the central government. Under the guidance of the "Planning", the pace of infrastructure construction in various parts of China has continued to advance. China's construction machinery is bound to usher in the climax of development again. At the same time, the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the "Industrial Energy Conservation" also shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, energy consumption of industrial added value above designated size will drop by about 21% compared with 2010. The stringent requirements put forward by the state also make construction machinery companies have to put energy conservation and environmental protection in an important position in their development strategy.
In addition, in order to ensure the successful completion of the “12th Five-Year Plan” industrial energy-saving emission reduction target task, in the first quarter, various departments issued the relevant policy measures in 2015 as planned. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Working Points for Industrial Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization in 2015” to clarify the targets and tasks for industrial energy conservation and emission reduction this year. It also issued the “2015 Industrial Green Development Special Action Implementation Plan” and “2015 Industrial Energy Conservation Supervision. Key policy documents such as the Key Work Plan and the Circular on Organizing and Implementing an Action Plan for Clean and Efficient Use of Coal in the Industrial Sector, and industrial energy conservation and emission reductions are promoted in an orderly manner. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued and issued the “National Essentials for Environmental Monitoring in 2015”. Environmental supervision and enforcement is the top priority for environmental protection in 2015 and beyond. In addition, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Circular on Adjusting and Promulgating the Seventeenth Issue of Government Procurement List for Energy-saving Products." The China Banking Regulatory Commission issued the "Energy Efficiency Credit Guidelines" and other policy documents. With the release of a series of policy documents, energy conservation and emission reduction work has been carried out in an orderly manner.
Energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face important opportunities
With the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction and new urbanization, China’s construction machinery is moving toward a more robust growth stage, and the industry’s demand for high-quality, low-energy-consumption products continues to increase. In 2014, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his government work report that it is necessary to focus on strengthening the prevention of pollution and give specific directions: to implement energy efficiency improvement of buildings, energy-saving products to benefit people's projects, development of cleaner production, green and low-carbon technologies and circular economy. The speech of Premier Li Keqiang made clear the advent of the green era of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Energy conservation and environmental protection, the inevitable trend of China's construction machinery development
Capturing the directionality of policies is a major cheat for engineering machinery to grasp the direction of development. In recent years, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment has received great attention from all levels of government, with the advantages of green, environmental protection, and fine engineering. Modern mechanical products have also received wide attention from the industry. In response, Gao Yunhu, Director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will join hands with the internal combustion engine industry to promote the development of energy conservation and emission reduction.
In addition, the State Council has also recently released “Made in China 2025”, which clearly regards green manufacturing and green development as one of the main development directions. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will implement “Made in China 2025” as an opportunity to fully implement green manufacturing. Pay close attention to building an efficient, clean, low-carbon, and circular green manufacturing system.
These policies all reveal the country’s support for energy-saving and environmental protection industries. With the support of the country, the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries will usher in more opportunities.
The road to energy conservation and environmental protection helps break foreign trade barriers
Taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection is also a great way for Chinese enterprises to break foreign trade barriers. As of the end of 2011, the annual cost of construction machinery products consumed in China is higher than the total output value of construction machinery in the whole year. At present, the entry thresholds for markets such as the United States and Japan are increasing. In the setting of trade barriers, the limits of emission standards are the first to bear. Experts in the industry believe that due to the difficulties of energy saving and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, and the fact that they are subject to technical bottlenecks, it is an effective way to solve this problem by increasing research and development efforts. Energy conservation and environmental protection, the inevitable trend of China's construction machinery development
Whether it is to reduce environmental burdens or break foreign trade barriers, the road to energy conservation and environmental protection will become the mainstream trend in the development of construction machinery. In the future, the development of China's construction machinery industry will focus more on transformation and upgrading, and in the specific implementation strategy, energy conservation and environmental protection will become the main direction of development. At present, various manufacturers of construction machinery are integrating more energy-saving and environmental-friendly elements into their new products. At the just-concluded biennial Shanghai Baoma Exhibition, no matter whether the famous international engineering machinery companies such as Komatsu, Hyundai, Volvo Construction Equipment, or the giants of China's domestic engineering machinery such as Sanyi, Xugong, Zhonglian, Liugong, etc., all showed up. With their latest mechanical equipment, these devices have better energy-saving and environmental-friendly performance. From this we can see that the future of construction machinery will surely be the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. The majority of construction machinery companies must rely on themselves to embark on the right path to make their products more efficient and energy-saving.

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