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Member Agreement

Terms of Member is a business platform developed and managed by Shanghai Longhe Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.. Your application for Membership and your subsequent use of our fee-based services shall be processed in full acceptance of all the following terms and conditions of this Agreement.


1.     You shall accept Terms & Conditions.

2.     You shall also accept this Membership Agreement while you are using resources and services provided for Members on Site.

3.     Terms of this agreement may be amended when it is necessary; new ones will be posted on our Site when they come into effect.

4.     If you don't accept the amended agreement, you will not have access to our related services anymore; continued use of our website represents your acceptance of the new agreement.

5.     Unless otherwise stated, this agreement will apply to any new functions and services.

6.     Nobody other than the authorized personal with our written permission shall be entitled to any amendment to this agreement.


1.     All service items stated in this agreement are available only in the scope of our English website, which covers and its sub-webs.

2. withholds the right to change services as required, and should not be held liable for doing so by any other party.


1.     This membership program is free but for expert project plan service is only free about half one year from your register date; for details please view the Member Service.

2.     We withhold the right to alter price levels and payment methods.

3.     Payment for the service is non-refundable. Payment will not be refunded as well although you request to terminate your membership before the expiry of the membership period.


1.     The service for paid users is available for a period of about one year from the day the paid service is activated (the actual service period stipulated in the service contract ),after which you can decide whether to renew or update your service rank, otherwise your member status will be automatically transformed to status of non-paying common user.

2.     We have the right to judge whether our paid users are in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in the Terms & Conditions and, any violation may lead to cancellation and invalidation of member status or services. We withhold the right to take measurement as we see fit.


1.     Members can refer to the up-to-date Member service guidelines and Terms & Conditions to submit renewal application for paid services. Once the application and payment has been received the service will be extended for the agreed period of time.

2.     We have the right to judge whether our paid users are in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in the Terms & Conditions and, any sort of violation may lead to cancellation and invalidation of member status or services. And we don't exclude other possible ways that are considered appropriate. We withhold the right to take measurement as we see fit.


1.     Members will have access to the services they have paid for once the contract becomes effective.

2.     Members on shall perform activities under the laws and regulations of China, obey all the agreements, regulations, routines and procedures in association with and avoid any unlawful practice by taking advantage of the Site.

3.     All Members shall provide accurate current company name and contact information, about which any change or alteration is subject to our inspection.

4.     Members who have caused any harm and damage to our Site by actions against this agreement shall be liable for compensation.


1.     We shall take no responsibility for intercepted service and malfunctions caused by force majeure (including, but not limited to natural damage, social incidents, any network abnormity and even temporal shut-up resulting from hacker attack, technology update of Telecom, governmental control and any other factors out of the attributes as a commercial platform), but we will endeavor to decrease the loss to the best of our ability.

2.     In the event that paid services fail to proceed due error or failures we will provide Members with an extension to contract period for the time the service was unavailable. We are not responsible for other related losses.

3.     We have the decisive right to delete any posted content that is in violation of the laws and statute of the P.R.China and/or our Terms & Conditions, or content that is deemed unacceptable by us. For serious cases, we will cancel your membership.


We have the right to refuse application for Membership and to terminate and cancel paid services:

1.     If paid users have violated any terms and conditions of Terms & Conditions or Member service guidelines.

2.     According to related contents in the first, fourth and sixth terms.


We neither make any promise nor ensure whether the uploaded information on our Site is valid and whether it's true, accurate, stable, complete or current. User understanding and acceptance of data transmission lie on users individually, who also take whole responsibilities of and risks in system damage or data loss.


1.     Either or Member who has failed to fulfill individual obligations is considered to have breached the Membership Agreement, which will be solved according to the Contract Law, or negotiated in an amicable manner.

2.     The laws of The People's Republic of China are applicable to the Membership Agreement.

3.     Items without definite legislated description will consult universally adopted international commercial routines and trade standards.

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