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Saudi Arabia Air Products and Chemicales

There are six compressor buildings and one spare MAC building for Jazan IGCC 6*A3240/L150 ASU Project, the main structure of six compressor buildings is the same.We is responsible for engineering design and manufacture of these compressor buildings and spare MAC building with sound-attenuation walls and roof, including but not limited to, above-ground buildings, steel structures, crane beam and bumper, acoustic wall, door & roof, day-lighting band, steel support for piping/cable, steel platform attached on buildings, stair & ladders, ventilation facilities, rain gutter & pipe, waterproof accessories, material management, site support for building installation and schedule cooperation, etc.

Saudi Arabia

Nanjing Kaiyan Electronic Waste Disposal Binjiang New Factory

In 2011, we successfully introduced and installed Hunan Wanrong science and technology stock company RF II B upgraded old refrigerator treatment equipment, which was built into the largest and most specialized demonstration project of electronic waste disposal in Jiangsu Province, and reclaimed about 4 million 330 thousand of the waste household appliances since the old new work, accounting for 33% of the total recycling of old household appliances in Jiangsu province. Among the top 105 peers in the country, the market share accounts for 4.8% of the country, with the world's advanced automatic refrigerator disassembly line and a number of TV sets, washing machines, air conditioners, and computer disassembly lines to provide the best disposal platform for these abandoned electrical and electronic products.


Keppel and Maritime receive 96 million new contracts

Singapore Keppel Offshore and Marine have received a total of SGD 130 million (US$ 96.22 million) in new contracts through their subsidiaries Keppel Far East Brazil Shipyard and Keppel Shipyard. Among them, the Keppel Far East Brazil Shipyard received a P-69 FPSO hull handling contract from Tupi, a consortium consisting of Petrobras Netherlands, Shell and Petrogal Brasil. Additional work includes hull equipment and cable installation, and offshore system commissioning. Keppel Shipyard obtained a turret mooring system construction contract for the Coral South FLNG project from SOFEC in Mozambique, scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2020. "We are pleased that our customers continue to choose us as our preferred partner for the FPSO project. This demonstrates our proven expertise and proven track record and can provide them with a full range of services," said Keith Ong, Keppel Offshore & Maritime CEO. We are committed to providing the industry with innovative, reliable and value-added solutions."


Shanghai Proton& Heavy Ion Hospital Crane Project (National Project)

According to the requirements of Shanghai Proton& Heavy Ion Hospital, as a crane supplier, Shanghai High Tech Industrial Cranes Co., Ltd. independently developed large tonnage double-girder ring crane and gained patented invention by virtue of leading technology and abundant industry experience. Another difficult but successful application of the product is bridge, monorail combination crane.


Songjiang Anqi Garden Court Solar Power Project

Home use installation, in response to national calls to promote low-carbon life and environmental protection. Anqi Garden Court villa inlet installation of solar distributed power station in its building roof. according to site visits, installation of photovoltaic power plant installed capacity is 5.565KWp. The system adopts distributed low-voltage grid-connected design scheme: the electricity generated by the phased array is connected to the grid, and the electricity generated by the square matrix is mainly used by the factory as a clean renewable energy substitute as part of the grid.


Bangladesh Sea Port Project

Owner is the Navy of Bangladesh, the project contractor is Hong Kong company, which provided lifting equipment for a naval port in Bangladesh, equipment has been successfully delivered, and received the Admiral of Bangladesh reception and recognition. Items: 2 sets of 5T20M folding arm hydraulic cranes, 1 set of 20T30M mobile shipyard crane


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